Beautiful Bodacious Badass!

"Unblock Your Bloom"

Women (18 and older):  is it time to express the True You in your heart?  Don't sit and wait for an invitation to do so--This Is It! 

Are you doing what you want to in Life?  If not, why not? 

Do you find that you lack the confidence to manifest your hopes and dreams?  Perhaps it is time to UNLEASH YOUR INNER BADASS!  My workshops and classes will show you tips and help you integrate ways of being that will help you access and become a more self confident version of yourself; one who is happy in her own skin.



About Me:

My name is Tracy Sheppard, a.k.a. 'Cool Chick'!  I have a B.A. in Speech Communication and a M.A. in Special Education from San Francisco State University.  I decided to start BBB because I wanted other women to experience their pure inner energy and power!

I had quit my job as an Orientation & Mobility Specialist (working with the blind and visually impaired community).  As much as this job was rewarding in many ways, it was stressful, and not fulfilling me on a soul level.  I always felt a little 'off'.  Outside of work I was in a near-constant state of healing/recovery, often lying on the couch and 'losing myself' in television.  I clearly was not doing my soul work.

After I made the decision to leave my job, I took some time to Only Do What Made Me Happy.  This was an extremely powerful time for me, and I searched for what would truly fulfill me.  Through this personal exploration, I eventually realized that what I really excelled at was coaching my clients to step into the best version of themselves!  I know that I can do this for others, too.

Badass Resume:  I am (for the most part) willing to try just about anything once:  I've climbed trees, skied, and tried snowboarding.  I've crossed San Francisco's 19th Avenue by using a mobility cane while blindfolded (any individual who learns to competently use other senses or abilities to achieve independent travel and living is automatically a Badass in my book).  I've skateboarded, surfed, and have gone parasailing as well as windsurfing.  I learned how to ride a motorcycle.  I've plunged into extremely cold water, walked over hot ashes, and participated in a sweat lodge.  I've gone hangliding and skydiving.  I've shot a shotgun, and shoot arrows regularly from my bow!  I've also gotten a tattoo as well as a labia piercing.  I've sung songs a capella at Open Mike nights, and am looking forward to doing stand-up comedy in the near future.  I managed a South African musical band in the 90's, and have recently done voice and vocal work for videogames and music, as well as being a member of a drum performance group (Sisters Rising).  In addition, I've been to Burning Man in '98, '99, and '00, as well as 2014 (some may argue that this does not necessarily have any weight in being a Badass, and with them I would beg to differ:  the weather conditions alone can kick your butt!).

I've also been interested in Women's Empowerment and Spirituality for many years, and facilitate women's circles through the non-profit Women's School of Healing Arts and Sciences (I am also a Board Member).  I love being in safe sacred space with women, supporting one another to heal and grow!  


  • Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS)--Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals
  • USA Archery and National Field Archery Association:  Level 2 Archery Instructor 
  •  Current in Basic First Aid--American Safety & Health Institute
  • Current in Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and AED--American Safety & Health Institute
  • Marin Humane Society's Certificate of Accomplishment--Canine Behavior Academy
  • ABKA Level 1 Certified Pet Care Technician


Volunteer Work :

  • The Women's School of Healing Arts & Sciences (Sebastopol, CA)—Board Member and Class Planning/Coordination Assistant, Women's Circle Facilitator
  • Renaissance Healing and Learning Center (Cotati, CA)
  • Teacher's Assistant for Class 792/760--SFSU Orientation and Mobility Program
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind (San Rafael, CA)--Veterinary Division
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind (San Rafael, CA)--Student Outings
  • Connections Equine Therapy (Cottonwood, AZ)
The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.
— Amelia Earhart